Residential estate in Friedberg-Hügelshart, near Augsburg

Germany’s first Efficiency House Plus residential estate is located in Hügelshart in the town of Friedberg near Augsburg.

Managed by asset bauen wohnen gmbh in cooperation with the building materials unit of BayWa AG, this project showcases the future of energy-efficient and economic construction that encourages a healthy living environment. Comprising a total of nine detached and four semi-detached houses, the estate produces more energy on average than its inhabitants consume over the course of the year. Moreover, the houses were built according to healthy home criteria.

Low emission levels create comfortable atmosphere

As building shells become denser, it is more important than ever to use construction materials that do not pose a risk to health and process them properly. To ensure healthy room air and create a comfortable atmosphere, the houses on the estate use only construction materials that are certified to contain low pollutant levels in the indoor areas. The tiles in all houses were fitted using low-emission substances provided by PCI® from Augsburg.

Impermeable substrates

Augsburg-based company D&L Fliesen GmbH installed the tiles in the estate’s houses. The tradespeople used the protective bonding primer PCI® Gisogrund to properly prepare the substrate, before applying PCI®Lastogum as a waterproof protective layer in the bathrooms. This provides reliable protection to moisture-sensitive substrates, while its malleability compensates tensions. As a result, the solvent-free protective layer is ideal for underfloor heating. “PCI® Lastogum is delivered ready for use and is easy to process, making it a very practical solution. The waterproofing layer can be applied easily using a roller, brush or trowel,” explained Jens Dachwald, Managing Director of D&L Fliesen.

Thanks to its resistance against lime water, PCI® Lastogum ensures the adhesion between the protective layer and the grout, even when the adhesive bed is constantly moist. PCI® Pecitape waterproofing tape, corners and collars were used to seal corner and connection joints, as well as internal and external corners, pipe openings and floor drains. The tilers reliably waterproofed the showers using PCI® Seccoral 1K, a flexible waterproofing slurry that sets without cracks and can even bridge cracks that form in the substrate at a later stage.

Low-emission tiling

“We selected PCI® FT Extra to install all the ceramic tiles in the indoor areas,” explained PCI technical adviser Raphael Schober, who supported the tiling process from planning to installation and selected the products in close coordination with the developers and tradespeople. The polymer-modified adhesive is extremely wettable, making it suitable for even fully vitrified tiles. It is smooth and provides a firm and immediate bond while still allowing tiles to be corrected. It requires no wedging. The tiles were then grouted using the versatile and flexible joint grout PCI® Nanofug Premium. With a processing window of around 40 minutes, this premium grout offers convenient processing and sets quickly without surface hardening. This creates attractive joints with a fine surface and bright color that are also easy to clean. Moreover, the joints retain their appearance over time, thanks in part to their increased resistance against acidic household cleaners and certain molds.

Certified healthy home

The Efficiency House Plus residential estate in Friedberg was officially opened in July 2017. Upon handover, each homeowner received a healthy home certificate from TÜV Rheinland. To this end, the certification body conducted room air measurements in every house, with all values meeting the given targets. The Efficiency House Plus residential estate is therefore an important step on the path to developing energy-efficient and low-emission housing.