BASF open-plan office, Turkey

When BASF Turkey moved into a new building in Istanbul, it consciously opted for a modern, open-plan design. Improved lighting, ventilation and acoustics increase working comfort, while specially designed areas provide space for innovative forms of cooperation.

The building has 5,600 m² of floor space and is located in West Ataşehir, an up-and-coming business and financial district in Istanbul. While the company’s previous office was characterized by closed-off spaces divided over multiple stories, the new building features horizontal architecture that aims to encourage a new working culture. It allows staff to work and communicate with each other directly, regardless of their position.

The challenge of room acoustics

The employees’ main concern was that the open-plan design would lead to increased noise. BASF solved this problem using its melamine resin foam Basotect® – and in doing so also demonstrated how the material can both absorb sound effectively and function as a design element. Together with the architects, BASF decided to hire an acoustics consultant to achieve perfect conditions in critical areas like meeting rooms and communal areas.

Filippo Alesi, Head of Facility Management Operations EMEA, was charged with overseeing the move and is very happy with the results: “The acoustics consultant performed several measurements in the newly equipped rooms that went well beyond our requirements. Employees have told us that noises are well insulated and that the results are better than expected.”

Design and function

Basotect® not only helps absorb sound in the new office, but also turns heads as an attractive design element. Architecture firm MimariStudio designed suspended baffles above the stairs, panels in the communal areas and colorful 3D prints in the meeting rooms and coffee corners. As Basotect® is easy to color, shape and install, architects Önder Kul and Ayça Akkaya Kul have nothing but praise: “We were able to use Basotect® in an innovative way while meeting the technical requirements. We are very pleased to see how happy and motivated the employees are in their new office.”

Over 300 people are currently working in the new office building, which features two floors with around 2,800 m² of floor space each. The values measured in the conference rooms and open office spaces meet the noise criteria defined in international standards.