BASF Architects Day,
March 8, 2018, Cologne

The Architects Day held by BASF and DETAIL magazine in Cologne in March 2018 saw architects, planners and BASF experts come together to discuss ideas and solutions for the construction industry.

Alongside keynotes from leading architects, the Sample Rooms showcased examples of solutions for issues such as light deflection, insulation, concrete facades and flooring developed by BASF’s construction experts.

Looking back

Guest speaker Martin Haas from architecture firm haascookzemmrich Studio 2050 looked into the future and presented his ideas and concepts for the architecture of 2050. His vision: adaptable buildings that react automatically to different times of day and year through a kind of metabolism.

BASF and the light design specialist Bartenbach gave a joint presentation on how to bring natural daylight inside buildings, so that even windowless rooms can be illuminated during the day without artificial light and without additional structures on the facade. The system is based on the principle of light deflection. A film installed in the insulating glazing redirects light perfectly into a light tube, which is fitted with a second reflective film that transports the sunlight deep into the building interior. The daylight then reaches the respective rooms by means of luminaires. The advantage of this system is that it reduces the use of artificial light by well over 50% over the course of the day. After all, natural light makes people feel more comfortable and allows them to concentrate better.

Another product on show for the first time was the mineral-based insulation system Cavipor®. This product uses a patented three-component system to create an in-situ foam. The non-combustible foam is particularly well suited to cavity wall insulation in renovations, helping to make old double-shell masonry more energy efficient. The hydrophobic, open-pore insulation material offers fast, reliable and continuous processing, and at the end of its life can be separated from other construction waste during conversion or demolition work.

The green extruded polystyrene hard foam (XPS) Styrodur® was showcased using cutting-edge presentation technology, with HoloLens smartglasses being used to project a 3D model house into the room. Delegates could use this interactive visualization to find out more about the versatile applications of Styrodur®.

Images from the Architects Day in Cologne

Photo: Felix Will, Düsseldorf
Photo: Felix Will, Düsseldorf
Sample Room – Insulation: a participant tests HoloLens smartglasses (photo: Felix Will)
Martin Haas (haascookzemmrich Studio 2050/Stuttgart) (photo: Felix Will, Düsseldorf)
Photo: Felix Will, Düsseldorf
Sample Room – Insulation (photo: Felix Will, Düsseldorf)
Sample Room – Light: BASF presents the new light guidance project Skynative® (photo: Felix Will)